De Folly in Oranjewoud (première)

27th May 2023 @ 10:30 pm – 11:30 pm
Oranjewoud Festival
Parklandschap Oranjewoud bij Heerenveen (Friesland)

Izhar Elias guitars
Paul and Menno de Nooijer video art
Folia-variations, Fandango by Luigi Boccherini, works by Steve Reich
Gioachino Rossini, Chiel Meijering and more

The Folly Is a performance by Izhar Elias, Paul de Nooijer and Menno de Nooijer.
Izhar plays the ancient chords of the Folia and other music on his guitars.
Paul&Menno provide a surprising spectacle through projections.
We see a temple, or rather a small temple. Well, is it actually a temple?
The structure we see, also called a folly, was built purely for decoration in 19th-century gardens.
As a passerby you were fooled (folly means foolish).
Such a characteristic building is central to THE FOLLY.
Is it a temple or the projection of a temple?
Which guitarist is real and which is a life-size projection?
What am I seeing? Is it real or not?
What reality are we actually looking at?

Projections on screens, sheets, smoke and bodies.
Photo animations play a major role, but when do the photos turn into video or into reality?