CD Release concerts 1 November ’20

November 1st Izhar Elias and Fernando Riscado Cordas will present their new CD during 2 concerts in Ouderkerk a/d Amstel.
You can watch the live stream: on Facebook
“Schubert’s Guitars”, played on two unique original Enzensperger guitars.
Schubert himself owned a guitar from this famous Viennese luthier.

Release tour schedule:
October 25, 10:00: presentation on Dutch radio 4 “Spiegelzaal”
November 1, 15:00 (SOLD OUT) and 17:00: release concert Ouderkerk a/d Amstel
November 6, 11:00 presentation on Dutch radio 4 “De Klassieken”
November 7, 20:15: Schubert’s Guitars in Tholen
November 8, 11:00 and 14:00: Guitaromanie in Amersfoort
November 15, 15:00 and 17:00: Schubert’s Guitars in Enkhuizen
December 11, 19:30 and 21:15: Schubert’s Guitars in Aduard

For details: see SCHEDULE

Workshop week in Provence

Izhar Elias:
Baroque guitar
Early romantic guitar
Spanish guitar
New music by Frank Wallace

September 13 – 20, 2020
Centre Artistique de Piégon, Provence, France
Fontatière, 26110 Piégon Tel: 33 (0) 475 27 10 43
To register or for more information:

Submerge yourself in different styles of classical guitar music, together with versatile award winning guitarist Izhar Elias. Spend a week immersed in silence, music, nature, great food, wine and art. I invite you to join me to share the beauty and the peace as well as insight into the interpretation of guitar music. Students will participate in daily master classes, lectures and chamber music sessions.

Room and full board € 700,-
Tuition € 300,-


Arrive Sunday afternoon September 13
6pm Greetings and short concert by Izhar Elias: “a tribute to Frank Wallace”
7:45pm dinner
Monday-Wednesday, Friday-Saturday
8:30-9:30 Breakfast
9:30-10:30 technique class
10:30-1:00 Free practice time and masterclasses
1:00-2:00 Lunch
3:00-4:00 Lectures/presentations. Topics:
– Early guitars
– Phrasing in baroque and romantic music
– Analysis of pieces played during the master classes
– New music for guitar
4:00-5:00 chamber music
5:00-6:30 Free practice time and master classes
7:45 Dinner

Thursday will be free for individual practice, exploration of the gorgeous countryside, local wineries, long walks, etc.
Saturday night will be an optional performance for all participants, TBA
Sunday departure after breakfast

Technique Class:
Each day will focus on different musical concepts from a technical point of view. With guitar in hand, we will work through: how true legato is achieved, how to render polyphonic lines on the guitar, clearly expressing melody and accompaniment, the subtleties of articulation, etc. We will use an unique method by Frank Wallace, together with examples from pieces played in the master classes and other pieces.

May 24th: Songs of Love and Exile on National TV

Izhar Elias and Channa Malkin (soprano) will tell about their Jewish roots and perform Sephardic songs from their album “Songs of Love and Exile”.