• October 22nd: Gitaar a/d Sluis

    Guitar duo Izhar Elias and Fernando Riscado Cordas will give the closing concert of the new festival Gitaar aan de Sluis in Leidschendam.
    They will play on various guitars works by a.o. Schubert, Rodrigo and Granados.

    October 22nd, 20:15
    Delftsekade 7, Leidschendam

    Guitar duo Elias/Cordas in Leidschendam

  • Bosgraaf & Elias 20 years! Premieres

    NOW ON YOUTUBE (click here)

    Recorder player Erik Bosgraaf and guitar player Izhar Elias have asked fifteen composers they have worked with in the last twenty years to compose a miniature composition of (about) twenty seconds for their 20 years anniversary

    Film by Jochem van der Heide, 29 September 2022, Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden

  • The Folly: fake news transformed into art

    The Folly is on tour: September and October in Amersfoort and Groningen.
    See calendar for the exact details
    Izhar Elias: Renaissance guitar, baroque guitar, romantic guitar, modern classical guitar, electric guitar
    Paul and Menno de Nooijer: video art


    The Folly Is a performance by Izhar Elias, Paul de Nooijer and Menno de Nooijer. Izhar plays the ancient chords of the Folia and other music on his guitars. Paul&Menno provide a surprising spectacle through projections.We see a temple, or rather a small temple. Well, is it actually a temple?The structure we see, also called a folly, was built purely for decoration in 19th-century gardens.As a passerby you were fooled (folly means foolish). Such a characteristic building is central to THE FOLLY.
    Is it a temple or the projection of a temple? Which guitarist is real and which is a life-size projection? What am I seeing? Is it real or not? What reality are we actually looking at? Projections on screens, sheets, smoke and bodies. Photo animations play a major role, but when do the photos turn into video or into reality?

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  • La Guitaromanie

    La Guitaromanie

    For a brief period in the early 19th century, the guitar enjoyed a veritable hype. Salons in Paris and Vienna hosted musical soirees where the latest compositions were performed for […] read more –>

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