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Here you can order albums (cd’s). They will be sent to you by post. Prices do not include forwarding charges. Communication will take place through mail.

I would like to order the following cd(‘s):

Order x La Guitaromanie à € 15,-

Order x Le Plaintif à € 10,-

Order x Schubert’s Guitars à € 15,-

Order x Songs of Love and Exile à € 10,-

Order x Baroque guitar Corbetta à € 10,-

Order x Guitar Vibes à € 10,-

Order x Sharkiya à € 15,-

Order x Carrousel à € 15,-

Order x Paisiello in Vienna à € 10,-

Order x Beethoven Adelaide à € 10,-

Order x La Monarcha à € 10,-

Order x Hommage à Debussy à € 10,-

Order x Rossini Semiramide à € 10,-

Order x Big eye à € 18,-

Order x Omaggio à Guadagnini à € 15,-

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  • La Guitaromanie

    La Guitaromanie

    For a brief period in the early 19th century, the guitar enjoyed a veritable hype. Salons in Paris and Vienna hosted musical soirees where the latest compositions were performed for […] read more –>

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