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Izhar Elias – early 19th century guitar, Fernando Riscado Cordas – early 19th century guitar, Zefira Valova – violin, Ivan Iliev – viola
Beethoven and the guitar
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The guitar is not the first instrument one associates with the towering figure of Beethoven. This original and appealing programme presents works of Beethoven in chamber music arrangements with guitar, written by contemporaries, a practice that was quite common in the period, playing its role in the popularisation of the music.
Izhar Elias plays on several period instruments, including a rare ‘terz’ instrument, smaller in size and tuned a minor third higher in order to achieve a more brilliant sound. He is joined by violinist Zefira Valova, viola player Ivan Iliev and guitarist Fernando Cordas, according to the setting of the arrangements.


Reviews in Gitarre Aktuell, Klassieke Zaken, De Stentor
4 stars in Dutch newspapers Trouw
4 stars in Nederlands Dagblad
4 stars in Luister Magazine

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