Rossini Semiramide

Izhar Elias solo
2 CD Rossini(1792-1868) / Giuliani(1781-1829) Highlights from the opera, arranged for solo guitar by Mauro Giuliani.
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‘intelligent and multi-layered’

Frederike Berntsen/ De Telegraaf- July 18th 2009

This arrangement is one of the longest series of pieces in the solo guitar repertoire (116 minutes in this performance). Performed on an 1812 Guadagnini guitar with the notes providing a synopsis of each operatic scene in the transcription.
This recording is likely the first time that the entire Semiramide has been recorded, making it a welcome addition to the repertoire. Izhar Elias extensively researched the Rossini score and the opera itself, as well as the early facsimile editions for guitar, all in all producing a recording in a style appropriate to the period. To further convey the tone colours of Rossini’s orchestration, gut strings have been used.

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